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North Genetics sponsors my show by providing our community with great seeds for low donation costs. visit their website or instagram and send them a message to for more inquery. Dont forget to send the message "closetmg" for a 20% discount on donation.

Horticulture Lighting Group uses the most efficient Samsung LED's available. These are high end lights with incredible efficiency. If your looking to lower your electricity use and heat, while maximizing light output, than these are the lights for you. is an authorized web retailer for HLG lights, so visit the shop and check out the lights for yourself!

Blue Planet Nutrients sponsors the show by providing high quality nutrients for our community and you can recieve 5% off every order by using the discount code "closetmg" at checkout. 
Grower's Choice sponsor's my show by providing high quality HID lighting. They specialize in producing high efficiency ceremaic metal halide bulbs and fixtures for horticulture purposes. For ordering, please visit the shop section of this website. For more information visit the Grower's Choice Website .
My Urban Greenhouse sponsors the show by providing a high efficiency hydroponics system for my plants to grow healthy. If your looking into growing with hydroponics, you can save 15% off all supercurrent hydroponic systems by using the discount code "closetmg" at

Non Sponsored Companies with a "closetmg" Discount Code

Use the discount code "closetmg" at these websites: for 5% off your order for 5% off your order

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