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Part 1, Germination

This video shows the technique i use to germinate cannabis seeds.

Part 2, Seedling 

This video shows the life of the plant from the moment it pops above soil until about 2 weeks of life. There is also information involving the basics of how cannabis grows as well as the equipment and environment needed for indoor growing

Part 3, Early Veg

This video goes over feeding your cannabis plant and continues to teach about environment and growth. 

Part 4, Mid to Late Veg

This video teaches about training your canopy and preparing your plant for flower.

Part 5, Transition and Early Flower

This video goes over the transitionary hormonal phase that takes place between veg and flower stages of growth.

Part 6, Mid and Late Flower

This video goes over your flower and budding stage of growth and prepares you for harvest.

Part 7: Harvesting, Drying, Curing

This video goes over the all steps to process your plant into smokeable cannabis.

How to Extract: Bubble Hash! A Tutorial and Guide for Producing and Consuming Bubble Hash.

This is a video i made showing the entire process in creating and smoking high quality bubble hash. the first hour and 15 minutes is hash production techniques and tutorial. The last 45 minutes is creating different textures of hash and smoking them.

Growing Through the Life Cycle of Cannabis - Grow Seminar at Hydro Suite Hydroponics

This Grow class was presented at Hydro Suite Hydroponics in Las Vegas, NV. In this class I breafly go over environmental conditions as well as explain the processes needed to cultivate through the whole lifecycle of cannabis

Plant Science: The Essential Building Blocks of Botany.

This Grow class was presented at Hydro Suite Hydroponics in Las Vegas, NV. In this class I go over plant botany and the science behind how plants grow.

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